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The Jewel of the North, Bolinao

If you are searching for the perfect hideaway with endless fun, pleasure and relaxation, then Bolinao is the place for you. Frolic barefoot in the pristine, crystal-clear waters and the sugary white sands of Patar White Beach, or view the breathtaking azure waters of the South China Sea atop the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse.

Discover its rich culture, tradition and history via its 16th century old church, the Saint James the Great Parish, and Bolinao Museum where old artifacts and relics of pre-Spanish origin were unearthed. Both are located at the town proper.

Relish its rich marine biodiversity-Giant Clams or taklobo are being cultured at an ocean nursery in Brgy. Lucero, mangrove forests thrive in coastal waters. The much renowned and multi-awarded Balingasay River, is envied for its beauty and grandeur. Local people join hand in hand in preserving and nurturing these natural treasures.

The journey doesn't stop here. Trek its mystical caves and dip into the cool waters of the underground spring. Or, better yet, traverse the narrow trails that lead to the picturesque cascading waterfalls in Tara and Samang Norte. And best of all, take time to feel the warmth of its friendly people and taste its famous and delectable cuisine: Bolinao bangus, pinalig barangen, and binungey (bamboo rice cake).

Truly, Bolinao is a rare gem, a true find... a real JEWEL OF THE NORTH!

Bolinao is a hidden paradise situated on a cape of the northwestern tip of Pangasinan; approximately 40 kilometers away from Alaminos City, 79 kilometers away from Lingayen, and 274 kilometers from Manila via Camiling, Tarlac.


Bolinao at its finest!


1. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
Spot the second tallest lighthouse of the Philippines. It rises 351 ft. above sea level. Capture the panoramic view of the Patar Beach and the South China Sea by the Lighthouse's view deck. See the amazing Solar Panels that power the lighthouse to signal the vessels at the sea.

2. Caves: Enchanted Cave, Wonderful Cave, and Cindy's Cave
Take a dip in the fresh cool waters of the natural underground swimming pools of Bolinao.

3. Patar Rock Formations
Witness the breath taking view of the rock formations. This is a perfect spot for photographers.

4. Abrac Beach
Enjoy the golden powdery soft sand of Bolinao's public beach.

5. National Museum, Bolinao Branch
Preserves the collection historical, cultural, and artistic artifacts of Bolinao.

6. UP Marine Science Institute
It is the main research station of the Marine Institute of the University of the Philippines. Explore and learn how the staff of Bolinao Marine Laboratory culture giant clams, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, corals, and seaweeds at their outdoor hatchery.

7. Church of St. James the Great
Visit the one of the oldest church in the Philippines. A fortress-like stone church built by the Spanish in 1607.

8. Santiago Island & Silaqui Island
Take a short boat trip to these islands and see the Giant Clam Ocean Nursery and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Discover the island's corals and reefs that are rich with marine life. Enjoy the aquatic activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and boating. This is a perfect diver's paradise.

9. Balingasay River
See the scenic beauty and biodiversity of one of the cleanest river in the Philippines. Observe the bamboos, mangroves, wild ferns, and balete trees hanging and lined along the sides of the river. No wonder that it has been a recipient for many environmental awards.

10. Bolinao Falls and Tara Falls
Visit the famous waterfalls of Bolinao. Take a plunge. Feel the deep cool water and see the wonderful untouched scenery. This is a hidden paradise. Perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers.