SCL Garden Resort

"Your home, away from home."

Fancy driving up north for a vacation?

Entrance Gate

Within the amazing sceneries of Bolinao is a tourist haven called, SCL Garden Resort that is located at Barangay Ilog Malino, Bolinao, Pangasinan.

Its name expresses a place of a real sanctuary for people who want to stay away from the stressful and troubled world, for it offers a peaceful and at the same time, blissful ambiance that is perfect for couples, families, and friends who wants to relax and enjoy quality time together.

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Relaxation Starts Here

Rexation Starts Here

Since, living in a fast paced world with stress can take its toll on one's physical, mental, and emotional health. SCL Garden Resort releases tension, improves health, and increases wellness for it provides a peaceful and quiet refuge that is away from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

This is a small paradise that sets you CLOSER to nature. The fresh air is the breath of life. The beautiful plants and tall trees, the chirping birds, the crystal waters and the sound of the waves of the ocean, the gentle wind that blows the hair, the golden-white sand that rubs the feet, the sun that touches the skin. All of these are part of the nature and all of these can be found here, at SCL Garden Resort.

This is the place to be. Perfect for people who want to rest and take a break. A serene and quiet place that helps put the soul close to his Maker.

Memories Are Created Here

Vacay with friends

Have awesome vacay with family and friends. Everyone deserves to be relaxed and pampered. Here in SCL Garden Resort, we offer an experience of excellent service.

We offer the perfect accommodation for people who want to stay with us. Rooms are perfectly made for families, group of friends, couples, and even singles. Comfy beds will tempt everyone to sleep in. In the morning, you'll love waking up to the sound of the ocean waves crashing just outside the balcony.

Get gorgeous tan while hanging at the beachside, play on the golden-white sand, Vacay with friendsbuild sand castles, or enjoy exploring the natural wonders of the sea. Afterwards hit the beach or play volleyball or sing karaoke with family and/or friends.

Being close to sea, means seafood is FRESH. Eat mouthwatering foods and drink thirst-quenching drinks. The foods are freshly cooked and specially made for everybody's taste.

Everyone can lounge around and admire the amazing view of the horizon and the shoreline while listening to the favorite playlist. At night everyone can even enjoy stargazing while sitting beside the bonfire or at the resort's Roofdeck.

So com'on pack your bags!

Come, stay at SCL Garden Resort and enjoy the rich nature and satisfaction!